frequently asked questions

  • Why is it important that you choose Steel Design?

We have generations of experience and the largest range in Australia of purpose designed steel window and door profiles to provide steel frames that not only look better, but perform better and last longer. We also offer a substantial range of standard designs supplied very quickly, to save you money and time.

  • What steel do you use?

    For our W20 & W40 ranges we keep in stock over 26 special purpose hot-rolled window profiles. That is more than double of any others in Australia to ensure highest possible quality and performance for your products.

  • Do you have a warranty?

All products are guaranteed for 10 years but expected to outlast the life of the typical building (100+ years in good working condition).


  • Do you provide shop drawings prior to commencing custom steel manufacturing?

On order placement, comprehensive Auto CAD drawings will be drawn up for you showing all details and steel sections to be used. This will be used to confirm final dimensions, configurations, sizes and options prior to manufacture.

  • Do you manufacture other steel products?

For other steel requirements, please email.


  • Do you offer installation & glazing service?

To ensure better value to our clients we recommend the builder fits the frames and then your local glaziers supply and fit the glass. Window sashes and door frames are factory hung and locks fitted, so installation is easy!


  • My project is interstate, can my builder install and arrange the site glazing?

Sure, as it’s much better value, traditionally steel frames have always been installed by the builders not the steel fabricators. Then the glass gets supplied and fitted by the local glaziers. Neither installation or glazing steel frames require unique skills or tools not already within a builder or glaziers kit.


  • What type of finishes do you provide?

We recommend powder coating.


  • What are your lead times for custom manufacturing & delivery to site?

Shop Drawings: less than1 week.

Manufacturing, corrosion control, powder coating & delivery: 10 - 14 weeks.


  • How can I obtain a quote for custom designs?

Simply email just the window and door schedule drawing (W&DS) to Quotations for our custom steel manufacturing is a very time consuming process that can take up to a few hours per quote to process, therefore please allow up to 5 business days for your quote to be returned.


  • There seems to be a be a lot of Steel Window and Door manufacturers popping up recently, why is that?

Be carful. With the popularity of our products there have been a lot of ‘workshops’ popping up, producing products to look like ours but without any of the performance characteristics necessary to meet the minimum weather performance requirements under the Australian building code of compliance. To save on costs and simplify manufacture they generally join common steel shapes like angles and square sections with flats. You wouldn't make aluminium windows out of basic shapes and flats sourced from Bunnings because it wouldn’t perform, yet it has become rampant in the Australian steel window and door scene. Our W20 & W40 systems not only look great but are high performance and historically significant, as the modern evolutionary development of the original steel frames produced in Britain pre First World War.

  • Media enquiries?

Please contact allowing 48hrs for a response.


  • Can steel frames get damaged?

Like any other fenestration system, steel frames can be mishandled and damaged during delivery, handling or installation. However unlike other systems, such as timber aluminium or PVC, steel frames can always be easily fixed on-site. Providing the strongest window and door frames available, it is impossible to break our joints whether corners or meeting rails. Therefore any issues such as racking during handling/installation, can be easily straightened back in-situ.


  • Can steel frames be double glazed?

Absolutely. Double or even triple glazing with up to 32mm thick insulated glass panes is no problem whatsoever.